Ahmed Jaffer

Round 3 is Almost Over

publishedover 1 year ago
1 min read

Wow, what a time this competition has been! I've made it to the Top 10, and now I'm competing for the Top 5 of my group! Be sure to continue voting for me to keep me in the number 1 spot!

Voting continues right until July 1, or until I am eliminated, so let's make sure that we are voting right until the end! I also want to thank you Reader for your support, it means a lot, and I really appreciate.

I've got a big announcement!

I have relaunched my blog, Hungry for Adventure! I've made some major changes to my website, turning it into an amazing blog with exclusive recipes that I have developed specifically for you! The first recipe available after today's relaunch is an Elegant and Easy Olive Oil Clafoutis, a super easy and traditional dessert from Limousin, France. There are also a few other recipes online, so make sure to check them out!

I hope you enjoy the recipe and have fun customising it to your taste! If you have any ideas for recipes that you would like to see on the new blog, please reply back to this email!